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﹛﹛Tonight on FOX?Gordon Ramsay*s Masterchef returns with an all-new episode on Wednesday, June 9, 2021, season 11 episode 2 called ※Legends: Curtis Stone 每 Auditions Round 2,§?and we have your weekly Masterchef recap below. On tonight*s Masterchef episode as per the FOX synopsis,?※With only nine aprons remaining in the audition rounds, the search for the next MASTERCHEF continues. The next round of home cooks has just 45 minutes to impress the judges, along with the guest judge and legendary Michelin Star chef Curtis Stone, who also is a judge on FOX*s CRIME SCENE KITCHEN.§

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﹛﹛In tonight*s Masterchef episode, the episode begins with round 2 of the Master Chef Legends edition, Gordon Ramsay, Aar車n S芍nchez, and Joe Bastianich are on stage to welcome the home cooks. There are only fifteen aprons to give out and six have already been given out, with two auditions left, there are nine remaining aprons. Tonight, an icon guest joins the team, a sonder from down under, a Michelin star chef, Curtis Stone. There is not a better legend to kick off tonight*s show.

﹛﹛Tonight the home cooks have forty-five minutes to prepare their signature dish and give them all they*ve got. Anne is 39, a Small Business Owner from Kalamazoo, MI and she is convinced that she is going to be the next Master Chef, she is making duck. Her love and her passion come from her dad. This dish is so important because it represents her family, she prays she has done enough to get an apron.

﹛﹛She made Roasted Duck A La Cherry with mashed potatoes and bok choy. Joe tells her there is only one thing that matters, how she cooked the duck. Gordon tells her the duck is cooked beautifully, the bok choy though is raw. Curtis says the duck is good. Joe says the duck is that good, you forget the bok choy. Joe says the duck is overcooked, the bok choy tastes like dirty water. Aar車n is a yes, so are Curtis and Gordon, she gets an apron.

﹛﹛Brit is 25, a model from Ft. Lauderdale, FL and she is really shaky that Curtis is there today. She is making an Asian dish that reminds her of home. She made Thai Mahi Curry. She taught herself how to cook, she grew up at McDonald*s and frozen food. Curtis likes the spice level, but he is bumped it came out of a jar. Joe says he was expecting more.

﹛﹛Bernardo is 31, a Social Worker from Washington, DC, and believes this is his time, his moment. He made Green Mole With Pork with white rice and caramelized onions. Curtis says the pumpkin seeds, there were a little too much. Gordon says it is the wrong cut of pork in there. Joe says these are the legends, this is not the level they are looking for. In fact, Joe says it was terrible, one of the worst dishes he has ever tasted.

﹛﹛Josie is 30, a CAE Tech, and Aar車n inspired her. She made Brazilian Tacos. Gordon says they need more protein and the shell is a little pasty, the heat he loves. Curtis liked the flavors. Joe says some of the flavors are great but she missed the mark on some important things. Sadly, this is where it ends. Aar車n says he says yes to opening his doors at his restaurant so Josie can cook with him, Atlanta is close to New Orleans.

﹛﹛Abe is 22, a student from New York, NY and he is currently studying food studies. He is bringing Mexican flavors with a French fusion. His mother is a diplomat and they traveled every three years, he thinks the different cultures have given him his passion for food. Abe knows this tasting will affect the rest of his life. He has prepared a Crispy Skinned Red Snapper with Avocado Puree, deep-fried Tostado, and pico de gallo. Gordon says the fish is cooked beautifully, not 100% certain about the cheese, he doesn*t think it needs it. Curtis thinks the fish is cooked nicely, the pica de Gallo seasoned well, he thought it was wonderful. Aar車n is confused about why he put cheese on it, it nullifies the crispiness of the skin, and you don*t fry flour tortillas, your fry corn tortillas. Joe disagrees, he likes the dish, but it is just missing that wow. Aar車n is a no, but everyone else is a yes, he gets his apron.

﹛﹛Joseph is 32, an Environmental Engineer from Houston, TX and he can*t shake his desire to cook. He is steaming fish and Curtis tells him it is a delicate, dangerous thing to do in a competition. Joseph is nervous, he feels like he is dying inside, he is praying it is not overcooked. This is the most important moment of his life, if they don*t like this, his whole plan for his future goes down the drain. He has prepared Steamed Red Snapper with southeast Asian herb salad. Aar車n says visually it is sophisticated and elegant 每 people take for granted how hard it is to steam a fish, it can go sideways on you quickly. Curtis tells him that he took a really big risk because it is a very simple dish, good news, his execution was perfect. Gordon says it is beautiful and oozes confidence. Joe says this is a trifecta, no negative comments. Joseph gets his apron.

﹛﹛Nayha is 18, a high school student from Greenville, SC and she learned how to cook from social media. This Dish speaks to her culture. She has prepared Gobi Manchurian, fried cauliflower with Indo-Chinese sauce, and fried rice. Curtis loves the way she used the cauliflower as the star of this dish, he thinks it is nicely fried 每 but it doesn*t come together for him. Aar車n thinks her development of flavor and understanding of food at such a young age is admirable, but this dish is a little immature. Joe says it is tasty, there is a lot to like. Joe is a yes, Curtis is a no, Gordon is a no because of the soy sauce, Aar車n is a no because he tells her it is not the right time for her. Nayha says she will be back after she gets a degree.

﹛﹛Annai is 25, a legal assistant from Dallas, TX who quit her job to be on the show. She has prepared a Flank Steak Chili Relleno with Rice & Beans, tomato sauce, Oaxaca cheese, and Mexican crema. Gordon says it is restaurant quality, he loves the finesse on the plate. Curtis says the steak is cooked nicely. Curtis says it is a good dish. Aar車n says the execution of this classic dish speaks to her background, but he wasn*t a fan of the sauce. Gordon tells her to be careful when she slices the flank steak, it needs seasoning. Gordon loves the steak and restaurant-quality plating, it is a yes for him. Curtis gives a yes. Aar車n says he has a responsibility to make sure Mexican food has respect, she might not have a job, but she has an apron. Joe is a yes too.