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[badoo free chat and dating]Top 10 Best Polyamorous Dating Sites & Apps for Polyamory People

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  Since the concept of monogamy was invented, adultery has been rampant and many people argue we aren’t meant to have just the one partner. Hence, polyamory—the honest way of dating more than one person at a time. By the end of the day, what you want boils down to personal preferences—some people prefer polyamory, some monogamy. Why argue about it? Simply find a partner who is on the same wavelength you are.

  Polyamorous dating means different things to different people. For some, it means having one partner and having relationship with other people. For others, it means having more than one partner and being faithful to the partners you have. It’s clearly communicated what the relationship should be like up front. Communication is vital in the polyamorous community—there’s often a strict code of honor and honesty is paramount.

  If you want to meet other polyamorous people, then checking out polyamorous dating sites is a great place to start. If you’re already part of the polyamorous circle in one city or another, then poly dating sites might be a way to widen your network by looking to meet people in nearby areas.

  Below you will find some popular sites used by the polyamorous community.

  The world’s most well-known dating site for married people has expanded to include polyamorous dating. And why not? It’s the honest way to date more people than one, or engage in casual relationship activities. On Ashley Madison you can state if you’re into polyamory and looking to meet others. You’ll also find plenty of single people on there who are simply looking for no strings attached dating.

  Among the poly dating sites, Ashley Madison is definitively one of the largest and oldest. Initially a site for those looking for “discreet” relationship, the poly option is newer, but popular. As polyamory dating has become more and more popular, people feel they can be open about their lifestyle and choose a partner who understands them.

  Ashley Madison offers an option for travelers looking to meet people in new cities as well—you can simply put in any planned trip and search for people in the city you’re going to.

  Ashley Madison has about 60-70M members worldwide, so it’s definitively a great site among the poly dating sites if you’re looking to meet a lot of people. What’s more, their design and layout is great and both the site and the app are easy to use.

  They give you the option to blur your photo, should you wish. That way, you can choose to reveal photos only to matches. However, not showing your photo might make it harder to find matches.

  You can read Ashley Madison’s take on polyamory here.

  OkCupid is one of the world’s larges dating sites with over 50M members. Therefore, it doesn’t fall among the strictly polyamorous dating sites, but it gives you the option to look for other members in the polyamorous community. All you have to do, is tick the box that says you are non-monogamous. All sexual orientations are welcome.

  If you already have a partner, OkCupid gives you the option to link with your partner’s profile on OkCupid, which is pretty cool! You need to create one profile each though, as there’s no option for couples to create one profile together.

  If you’re looking for a site with interesting profiles, then OkCupid is one of your best bets. Here you can choose between 5,000 questions to answer for your profile! While you might only want to answer one or two, it certainly leads to variety among the profiles you’ll scroll through.

  To create a profile you do need to answer some basic questions, however. This is so that OkCupid can use their algorithm to match you with other people using the site. Their philosophy is that you should share stories, as opposed to just basic facts and photos.

  Only people who like each other are able to see each other’s messages. This so that you won’t be harassed by people you have no interest in.

  Overall, OkCupid is probably one of the best polyamorous dating sites if you’re looking for something serious.

  Brandon Wade created this poly dating app and site. He’s also the founder of other popular dating sites? Those are probably two of the best designed dating sites out there. However, as the names imply, Wade has a rather naughty approach to dating—he likes people stating what they’re after beyond the obvious. For example, Seeking attracts everyone who want something specific out of a relationship—be that mentoring, money, or something else entirely. The idea behind the site is that there shouldn’t be any false pretenses—state what you want and get it.

  OpenMinded is currently taking a break (though existing members can use it), and is designed for anyone in an open relationship. You can be single, married, or something in between and look for partners and threesomes, or swinging. Labelled as a site for “ethical cheating,” it seems more focused on casual relations outside a relationship, than a site for finding new partners. They’re big on respect, openness and honesty and all sexual orientations are welcome.

  You can create a profile so long as you can verify an email address. To actually be able to contact someone on the site, though, you have to have at least one verified photo.

  With about 600k members in the US alone, it’s not a massive site, but Open Minded does have potential—should they choose to open their doors again. If you’re looking for a poly dating app that caters to relationship that work for you as a couple, this is a site to keep an eye on.

  Beyond Two is a polyamorous dating site and online community for polyamorous people. The site is, unfortunately, designed as something directly out of aa commercial for the 90s. If you’re looking for a poorly designed site, this is it! It can easily win an award for the worst designed polyamorous dating site out there!

  That said, it is an online poly community that is entirely free. That’s right—there are no costs associated with signing up here. They do require you fill in a lengthy application, however. Their privacy policy sounds alright, so it doesn’t seem like they’re gathering data for the fun of it, but rather so that you can meet likeminded members. How well the site is protected is another story, but it’s likely too small for hackers to take note of it.

  If you’re looking for an introduction to polyamory dating, you may very well find members on here to help guide you. People who can answer questions and discuss their own journey with you. For a smooth dating experience using a poly dating app where you can easily find and match with other members, you will have to look elsewhere.

  While there is a documentary series focusing on a poly family, called “Sister Wives,” there is also a polyamory dating site with the same name. This is a place that welcomes all forms of polygamy and polyamory. While it is called Sister Wives and there is a mild focus on women looking to add another partner to an existing relationship, you will find members in all sorts of open relationships on the site. Of course, there are also plenty of singles using this poly dating app.

  Sister Wives take fakes profiles seriously and keep an eye out for any kind of cat fishing. They also pride themselves in offering detailed profiles and a good search algorithm for finding the perfect match.

  There is also a community feel to this polyamorous dating site, as you can create group chats, blogs, and so forth. In short, you can use it for finding a community, not just a date!

  PolyMatchMaker is a very basic polyamorous dating site in the vein of Beyond Two—the interface of the site is only slightly better than the former. It seems there’s a bit of a vintage vibe going on among these sites!

  Poly MatchMaker is a community for those who believe in ethical polygamy and a lot of their focus is on respect for all sexual orientations. It’s free to sign up and respond to emails you receive—the only feature that costs (a monthly fee), is sending messages to folks who haven’t messaged you first. So you can definitively sign up, have a look around, and see if someone catches your eye. While there aren’t a ton of members, you never know what will happen! Just don’t rely on it as your only polyamorous dating site—definitively join bigger sites like OkCupid for finding love and, if looking for casual dating, AshleyMadison.

  Polyamory Date is owned by Various Inc.—the same company that owns the FriendFinder Network. Unlike some of the other polyamorous dating sites, Polyamory Date hasn’t received much of a facelift as of late. While nowhere near as outdated and difficult to use as PolyMatchMaker and Beyond Two, it leaves something to be desired!

  Polyamory Date is not a new polyamory dating site—it’s been around for a while. And that’s clear from the amount of members it has. Most of them are looking for casual dating, hookups and online fun. You can upload videos that are of a sexual nature, so the site is a tad more adult than some of the others. That said, you’ll find members looking for love here, too.

  If you’re into polyamory dating, Badoo is worth checking out simply because of its large membership base. The majority of members are 44 or younger, though you will find plenty of members in their late forties and fifties too, because it’s a huge site. Think 200M members kind of huge. It has about 50M active monthly members, which is downright incredible.

  Badoo is a social networking site with a focus on dating, so you can definitively build a community on here. On the other hand, it’s not a poly dating app. You can find non-monogamous and polyamorous people using the site, but it’s not the focus of the site. Be sure to mark what you’re looking for when using the app.

  Badoo has a strict photo verification profile (should you choose to get verified), where they send you an image and you have to pose in the same pose as the model in the image.

  Profiles are pretty empty on Badoo—you don’t have to fill in much information to set up a profile. Think Tinder.

  If you’re looking for polyamorous dating, you best approach is to join some niche sites and some bigger dating sites that cater to both monogamous and non-monogamous people. OkCupid is a big favorite if looking for more serious connections, while sites like PolyamoryDate and Ashley Madison cater more to those looking for spreading your love.