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Epic Games Store free gamesEpic Games Store free games

Epic¨s efforts to go toe-to-toe with some of the established digital storefronts remain ongoing. Even though these handouts have been only adding to the company¨s expenses, it nonetheless makes for effective marketing. Such that there is a love-or-hate scenario going on among the community over the platform¨s unique popularity.

For this week, EGS is throwing away a highly-acclaimed third-person shooter by Remedy Entertainment, Control. Originally released back in 2019, the title has had won a number of awards ever since. At one point, the game was also exclusive to the platform as well.

Although not the first, it makes Control one of Epic¨s biggest giveaways, considering its value. Critics particularly loved the game for its unique approach to gameplay presentation as well as a top-notch art style. Elements that often make AAA titles stand out from the crowd, such as it.

The Vault has opened´ and something within is calling you to the Oldest House.

Discover a world unknown. Humanity is at stake. Will you regain CONTROL?

! Epic Games Store (@EpicGames) June 10, 2021

This week¨s uncover does not just involve a single game, however. Like in previous occasions, the free distribution involves two titles. Adding to the aforementioned is a pack containing items for Genshin Impact. The game itself has always been free, which makes giving away something relevant to it make the most sense. Particularly, in this example, are some in-game food, gold, as well as crystals.

Although these freebies alone would be enough to make anyone¨s day with Epic Games Store, the treats don¨t end there. To coincide the platform¨s weekly releases of charge-free titles, it¨s also currently running the MEGA Sales campaign. Running for a few weeks now until June 17, the promo offers titles at a huge discount. What¨s more, the digital storefront is always launching an automatic $10 discount for any single purchase of at least $14.99. The latter comes via the Epic Coupon which is part of the MEGA Sales 2021 initiative.

Looking at the freebie line-up, it seems like Epic has temporarily paused from having the ^mystery game ̄ tactic to mystify its future giveaway. One, which was recently demonstrated with NBA 2K21. In this case, it reveals what could be expected for next week, which includes Overcooked! 2 and Hell is Other Demons. However, it seems likely for the platform to resume on the same strategy again in order to make future offers extra special.

Anyone who still has not checked these games out will have until June 17, 2021 to avail of the promo.

Image used courtesy of Epic Games Store

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