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[RE ZERO M]New Audi RS3 exposure,Speed 290km / h!Acceleration is faster than Mercedes AMG A45 S!

font size+ 2021-06-25

  Before formally announced the next generation of Audi RS3,Audi has disclosed some basic information about this car.The direct competitor model is A45 S of Mercedes -Amg.Its acceleration performance is faster than the competition.

  The new generation of RS3 uses 5 cylinders 2.5 Sheng Turbine Turbine Engine.The maximum output power is 400 horsepower,The maximum torque is 51 kgf · m.Compared with the previousPerformance has increased 2kgf · m.


  Using the Quattro full-wheel system can be at 3.Accelerated from 0 to 100 km / h in 8 seconds.This is 0 more than the previous generation.3 seconds,The A45 S of Mercedes -Amg is fast.1 second.If you pass the option to increase the speed limit,It can run to 290 km / h.


  Audi RS3 also added a torque vector system.The driving force can be assigned to the left and right sides of the rear axle.The system is called RS torque dispenser,Helps reduce steering and more agile driving.


  The characteristics of the RS torque dispenser also varies depending on the driving mode.The driving mode is divided into Comfort (Comfort), EffICIENCY (Economy), Auto (Auto), Dynamic, and RS Performance (Comfort, Efficiency, AUTO, DYNAMIC, RS Performance).The goal of the automatic mode does not have a balance between insurery or excessive steering.In dynamic mode,Most of the driving force is passed to the rear wheel.Drift can also be realized at this time.


  RS Performance mode helps the driver record faster single-rip times on the track,The optimal dispensing of the front and back left and right driving allows the driver to step on the throttle pedal over a longer time on the track.

  The gearbox is 7 speed double clutches.Shift speed,Including launch control has been improved,To achieve a faster shift speed.


  Chassis adjustment is also more aggressive,25mm lower than the normal version of A3,10mm less than S3,And enhanced to cooperate with its powerful performance.The front wheel uses the McFesson structure.The rear wheel uses the four-link structure,The rear suspension design also changes.Increase the RS torque dispenser.The RS Sport Suspension Plus with variable damping can be added as the option.


  The new generation of Audi RS3 is also ready to launch the RS dynamic package.Improve the limit,Make the highest speed of 290km / h,Carbon ceramic brakes have also been added,Make performance control more powerful.It is also worth paying attention to the addition of multiplier P Zero Trofeo R,It reduces the single-circle time of the track.Audi’s new RS3 is expected to be in July.