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[macadamia nut]Android q originally called Queen Cake,Accelerated gesture navigation is forced

font size+ 2021-06-26

  In the previous period, Google announced a brand upgrade for Android.Not only will the font, color and iconic small machines have been redesigned, but alsoMore important is to cancel the consistent dessert design,The dessert name is the marker of the Android version before this.For example, Android 2.2 called Froyo,Android 2.3 is Gingerbread,Android 4.2 is Jelly Bean,Android 5.0 called LOLLIPOP,Android 8.0 is Oreo,Or until Android 9,That is, PIE.


  ▲ Android Q. Image from: Android Police

  At the Google I / O conference this year,Google officially announced the latest version of Android Q,And released the first Beta version.Just when people wait for the autumn official version coming and guess Q’s dessert name,But I ushered in Google Announces Cancellation Letter + Dessert Name.No one knows what Q will be dessert.

  However, in the previous two days of foreign media 9TO5GOOLGE report mentioned thatIn the podcast of ALL ABOUT Android,Google’s Android team sat down and talked about this brand upgrade and system update, etc.It also mentioned a lot of interesting information.

  Android q can be called Queen Cake


  ▲. Image from: Pocket-Lint

  What should Android q I should?This is also the question of the Android team to say.Google Abandon Dessert Naming Not just because Q’s dessert name is really hard,More important deep reason lies in,Not everyone can understand the relationship between desserts and versions.

  For example, when I mention a dessert version, you may hardly think of the new and old relationship that appears in the Android version.Because the law of the initial order is not clear,But everyone can understand the arabic number.

  of course,If Google does not give up the dessert name,Then Android Q will be called Queen Cake (Queen Cake) at least Google Engineering Vice President Dave Burke is what is going on.


  ▲ Dessert used before Android. Image from: Digital Trends

  For those who don’t know the relevant background,Queen Cake is also known as “Elizabeth Queen Cake”,This is a very traditional sweet food.The chopped coconut will be mixed in the sugar coat.of course,This may be a classic case caused by a dessert name.Because this is not a common dessert other than Canada.

  It doesn’t mean that the dessert name does not mean that the Google team will give up this tradition.In fact, the Android team inside the Android Q is called Quince Tart.This is a dessert, a dessert, a tart, a pie, a fruit, a piece of tart.The Google team has a long history of using the internal dessert code for Android.

  For example, Android 6.0 Marshmallow cotton candy,Inside the Android team, it was by Macadamia Nut Cookie.And this will not stop,In fact, Dave Burke will be very interesting.There may be only “super fans” in the future, you will know these interesting code.

  Different brands of gestures navigation make Google accelerate official gestures


  ▲ Picture from: Computerworld

  In addition, Dave Burke also mentioned the reasons for Google that is advancing the Android gesture navigation.In Android 10,The biggest change is that the official is dominate the system level gesture operation application.Why do Google began to decide to accelerate this job now? Dave Burke explains,Because all manufacturers are doing their own gestures,Different gestures are simply a nightmare for developers.

  Dave Burke also refers to the double-button gesture navigation (pill button + back) that appears in Android Pie is just a transitional form.These will be killed and finally complete a complete gesture navigation.In addition, the third party desktop is also supporting gesture navigation.


  ▲ Picture from: THE VERGE

  As soon as we will usher in the release of the Pixel 4 series,I will see the official version of Android 10,The final gesture navigation should also confirm it at that time.

  Is there still the Android statue of Mountain View?


  ▲ Pictures from: Android Authority

  If you have good memory, you may remember,Whenever the new version of Android dessert is officially released,Google will put some android statues related to desserts in the company. Dave Burke said,Although Android no longer uses a dessert code,But Google will continue to make Android statues,It’s just that it will be a dessert.Instead, it will be a digital statue.And people will sign them above.

  Source: 9TO5GOOGLE