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[Little Triangle]Regional elections: a special triangle in the perpendicular

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  the main Lot is the only department in Occitania where Aurélien Pradié (LR) is ahead of the outgoing President of the Region Carole Delga (PS), who took first place in this first round with 36.83% of the vote, followed by Jean -Paul Garraud (RN), who takes second place in the regional ranking with 21.73%.

  A situation in Lot that stands out from the rest of Occitania in more than one way, where the LR MP (11.27% of the vote) only gains the upper hand over the RN and its leader in three of the 13 departments: Lot, Aveyron and Lozère.

  So for this first round it is a PS-RN duel that we are preparing in Occitania with a view to this first round, in which Carole Delga ultimately has little to fear.

  In the Lot, however, the question arises for this second election series whether Aurélien Pradié will win his bastion against the leader of L’Occitanie en commun, Marie Piqué (PCF), by keeping his lead. Because we never speak of more than 631 votes between them, in all polling stations in Lot. It is worth remembering that voters had a choice of eight lists.

  If Figeac, town of Martin Malvy, retains the heart on the left with 45.47% of the vote for Carole Delga (against 31.54% for A. Pradié and 8.94% for JP. Garraud), it is in Cahors. not the same or in Gourdon.

  In the prefecture of Lot, the difference between the two lists is reduced to 269 votes. In the sub-prefecture of Gourdon, Pradié leads with 237 votes more than the president of the region.

  Aurélien Pradié voted in the first ballot on Sunday in Coeur de Causse.

  Will the young wolf of politics let the proverb lie: Nobody is a prophet in his country? Nothing is less certain, because we can imagine all scenarios: from the postponement of the votes of the voters to the Bürgerplatz. So everything can still change with a fight against abstentions of 61.54% in Occitania in the first round and 56.15% in the Lot; or even the seduction of the electorate of the six other lists that were not selected for this final phase on Sunday. It should be noted that neither alliances nor voting instructions are “contractual”.

  Stick together. This Tuesday in Lot, Carole Delga, outgoing President of the region, continues the home stretch of her campaign alongside Serge Rigal, President of the department, and Marie Piqué, Head of the Regional List, and Vincent Labarthe, Vice-President. In Souillac this afternoon she was in La Bicicleta, a new place dedicated to the world of cycling and which this year received  52,000 in support from the region. Here, then in the afternoon in Catus, two things are at stake: The point is to hit the iron while it is hot before the second round, but on the premises where Aurélien Pradié arrived in the first round in front of her. “To be honest, I thought that the difference in votes would be bigger, I understand the reflex to vote for the child of the country, politics consists of solidarity, myself, in the Comminges, I have 58% of the vote, it’s not revealing. ” , we are not at eye level, ”she admits. The neck and neck are tight in the plumb line, the battle is not won. “I’m a fighter, with a knife between my teeth, my team was at work on Monday morning, we continue from door to door, meetings and towing …” Because the RN is offensive against this. “He’s our main opponent,” she breathes. His visit to Lotoise is also an opportunity to discuss mobility, the central axis of his campaign program. Serge Rigal then reminded him of the greenway project in the department. “As in the Lot we have the concept of cycling for fun, we are committed to the topic of roaming, we also launched a bicycle cluster during the last mandate.”

  In the saddle for the second lap alongside Carole Delga. DDM MA

  Now is the time to mobilize and, in particular, to search for the voices of the teetotalers in the Pradié-Rivière- (LR) camp. This pool of votes is immense as the abstentions have reached new heights. “That is a historic record, just like my result in the Lot against Carole Delga,” recalls the MP from Lot, who took the lead in the first round of the regional elections in Lot with 34.85% of the vote. He draws his energy and hopes from this number that the polls don’t see coming.

  Aurélien Pradié is hardly surprised. “I wanted my campaign to start in the Lot for this second round, where voters have rallied heavily in my favor. The result on Sunday shows that the work is paying off.

  It’s been 14 years since the Lotois saw me grow and trust me, today as a member of parliament, yesterday as mayor. The story we forged together is deep and sincere.

  He does not hide his enthusiasm, but also knows that there is still a long way to go for all the coronations he can justifiably imagine. “A real dynamic is developing behind my candidacy. I invite voters and teetotalers to step up on Sunday, ”he says, determined to bring people together. “Carole Delga has enough voice on a regional level. His score is high enough to prevent the RN from being elected to the top of the region. But democracy has to live. I ask voters to help establish a real countervailing power in this region. We should not hesitate to trust a new generation of elected officials. We demand efficiency, solidarity and action in the service of all. “

  In Lot, Aveyron and Lozerre, Jean-Paul Garraud is ahead of him, of course Aurélien Pradié and Carole Delga (leading in 12 of the 13 departments). With less than 10% of the vote in Lot, the leader of the RN list does not make this region a land to be conquered. Unlike his opponents in the round of 16, he does not necessarily intend to go on a campaign trip, as he sees himself “very well represented by Alexandre Loubet”.

  Jean-Paul Garraud and Alexandre Loubet (in the middle) for the RN. DDM

  “Aurélien Pradié’s results here have nothing to compare with Occitania. His mandate as Lotois deputy brought him a plus, elsewhere he made 11.27%, which is anything but remarkable. He now knows that he will not be the president of the region, ”attacked Jean-Paul Garraud. “Neither the alternative to Carole Delga,” he warns.

  An attack … and an outstretched hand. “I am for the unification of rights. I would have liked a candidate who understands the interests of this positioning. But Pradee’s only strategy is to let us lose. Every ballot that goes to him will strengthen the election of Carole Delga “, assures the candidate RN, who goes all out with the abstentions in the first round.” Yes, the people’s voters didn’t come, they established themselves, that was it so in the local elections. I hope he will mobilize on Sunday ”.

  “The results of the 1st round of the Regionals put Carole Delga’s list at the top of the list with which the PCF is in common cause. We have to drive the point home next Sunday and prevent the RN from taking control of the region. Nothing has been acquired yet and the mobilization of the left is essential so that Occitania does not sink into obscurity. […] For the departments, the PCF is 10.34%, making it the third political force in this election. It is regrettable that the intransigence of our potential partners on the left has made it impossible to conclude a departmental agreement based on the agreement reached at the regional level. […] Lot’s two deputies involved in the battle are subjected to a severe snub. At the regional level, Pradié only receives 11% of the vote. […] If the RN remains threatening in Occitania, it will wither in its plumb. It’s almost disappearing from radar screens in the department. […] For the second round of departmental elections, we urge our voters to make conscious choices, according to their values and ideal.