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[recent game releases]The UN is Concerned About the Recent Events in Escape From Tarkov, Calls for Ceasefire

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  After the numerous events in Escape From Tarkov, Battlestate Games may have finally announced the wipe. In a recent Russian newspaper article, the UN is deeply concerned about the recent events in Escape From Tarkov. The reading unveils the UN’s involvement and purpose of settling peace, as they ask for a ceasefire.

  The news comes from the official Twitter Profile of Battlestate Games. The reading translates as follows:

  The UN is concerned about the recent escalation of the conflict in Tarkov and is asking participants for a ceasefire. In a joint communique, the G-30 countries invite warring parties to sit down at the negotiating table and start the conversation from scratch.


  — Battlestate Games (@bstategames) June 26, 2021

  A clean state of dialogue from scratch might relate to a fresh wipe. PMCs will finally start all over and find the new material included in Escape From Tarkov. Some of the news coming to Escape From Tarkov:

  Factory expansion and its Scav boss


  Possible Streets of Tarkov release as a surprise?

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