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[ganon]Zelda Theory: BOTW 2 is a Sequel To Age of Calamity (Not BOTW)

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  The events of the new Legend of Zelda game could take place in a parallel timeline to Breath of the Wild, acting more like an Age of Calamity 2.

  By Brittany Spurlin

  Published Jun 09, 2021


  Breath of the Wild 2 Age Calamity Sequel

  As Nintendo’s E3 presentation on June 15 fast approaches, fans have begun to speculate about an announcement regarding the long-anticipated sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.?Very little is known about the sequel to Breath of the Wild since the teaser was revealed at E3’s 2019 event. In the first look trailer, Zelda and Link are descending into a dungeon as it is overtaken by a mysterious dark force. At the apex, a gruesome warrior skeleton adorned with Gerudo jewelry is brought to life by those forces, and Hyrule is seen being lifted by an earthquake.

  The Legend of Zelda series’ intricate timeline is well-known in the fandom, each game taking place at a specific point in Hyrule’s history, until Ocarina of Time splits the timeline into three distinct sections. In Breath of the Wild, Nintendo seemingly brought all three timelines back together. Ganon, having been sealed away in Hyrule Castle, is prophesied to return and destroy the world. This leads to the calling of Link, Hyrule’s great knight, so he can purge Ganon’s influence from the kingdom and defeat the villain once and for all.

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  Breath of the Wild 2 Age Calamity Sequel

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  Then, Nintendo released Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, taking place approximately 100 years before the start of the Zelda timeline. In Age of Calamity, Terrako, a diminutive guardian and friend of Zelda’s, travels back in time to warn Hyrulians of the coming Great Calamity. This allows Zelda, Link, and other champions of Hyrule to prepare for the coming battle and defeat Calamity Ganon instead of sealing him away, thereby erasing the events of Breath of the Wild.? These events created a new timeline split in Zelda: one in which Link defeats Calamity Ganon, and one in which the events of Breath of the Wild take place.


  Calamity Ganon battle

  Nintendo has yet to explicitly call the upcoming Zelda title Breath of the Wild 2, thus far only referring to it as the sequel to the hit 2017 game. The distinction is small but important, indicating the events of the new game could take place in a parallel timeline to Breath of the Wild, acting more like an Age of Calamity 2.

  The idea that the upcoming game acts in parallel with Breath of the Wild and continuing the events of Age of Calamity is supported by the first look trailer. In it, Link already has possession of the Master Sword, something he already earned in Age of Calamity and, in an age of peace, would not have been lost or stolen. Additionally, Link and Zelda look the same as they did in Breath of the Wild, Zelda with shorter hair and Link with an added cape. These changes in appearance show these are not the same characters from Breath of the Wild.


  Most importantly, the Gerudo jewelry on the warrior’s reanimated body hints that the body is Ganon’s human form Ganondorf. With Ganon himself being defeated, this new timeline for?The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2?could pave the way for Ganondorf to be the primary villain in the Zelda universe.

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