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[state of decay 2]State of Decay 2 ‘Plague Territory’ update is now available with new outposts, Achievements, and mor

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  The Plague Territory update significantly shakes up certain aspects of State of Decay 2, to immediately add greater depth and strategy to the game. Plague Hearts, previously vague “boss-like” encounters, now control areas of the map. Outposts in these territories can’t be claimed until the Plague Heart is dealt with, encouraging players to balance risk and reward. And, of course, the rewards for expanding your community’s reach are even greater than before.

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  Resource outposts can now be upgraded to provide even more resources to your community, and can even grant a valuable skill training resource if fully upgraded. There is also a unique “landmark” outpost for every map, which offers one of three extremely valuable strategic advantages if captures. This provides a lot more options to players when deciding on their overall base strategy. Three new Achievements are being added to the game to accompany these new features.

  Beyond these headlining additions, Undead Labs is also introducing a ton of improvements and smaller changes that players will appreciate, like the ability to swap to a sidearm quickly! Perks and bonuses are now tweaked to more often apply to the entire community instead of individuals, and a huge list of bugs has been fixed. There’s seriously a lot going on in this State of Decay 2 update, and it may be a reason to return to the game if you haven’t played in a while.

  For the complete list of changes, you should check out the full changelog for Update 25: Plague Territory for State of Decay 2.

  State of Decay 2’s neverending support has cemented it as one of the best Xbox survival games around, and we can’t wait to see what Undead Labs does next. State of Decay 2 is now available on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PC, and Xbox Game Pass.