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[Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid]Power Rangers: Street Fighters’s Ryu Battle for the Grid Move List & Supers

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  Street Fighter’s Ryu enters Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid as the Crimson Hawk Ranger, bringing a devastating arsenal of moves with him.

  By Philip Hou

  Published May 30, 2021


  ryu battle for the grid

  Ryu’s quest to continually better himself through fighting has finally led him into the world of Power Rangers. In Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, Ryu squares off against Lord Zedd and his cronies as the Crimson Hawk Ranger.

  Long-time Street Fighter fans will find that Ryu’s moveset in Battle for the Grid is nearly identical to his other in-game iterations. Ryu mains will have no trouble adapting to this new Power Rangers environment. For everyone else, Ryu is easy to pick up and intuitive to learn,?as is tradition with the character’s?usage in other fighting games.

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  Compared to Chun-Li, Ryu doesn’t have that many command normals. His most recognizable “Collarbone Breaker,” standing overhead attack which is good for mix-ups. On hit, the move can’t normally be comboed into anything else and needs an assist for an extension. The one exception to this is that “Collarbone Breaker” can be canceled into “Shoryuken.”

  Both Ryu and Chun-Li also have access to a system mechanic called “Negative Edge,”?which refers to the game registering the release of a button as a proper input. For example, If a player holds down Left, performs the Down, Down-Forward, Forward,?continues to hold F while pressing L or H, then releases F, the player will perform a “Hadoken.” However, Negative Edge only applies to special moves, and will not work on normals.


  Ryu’s Assist call is relatively straightforward. Upon activation, Ryu fires an L and H “Hadoken” at the opponent. This is useful for getting the opponent to block or jump as the player approaches.

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  Ryu’s classic “Hadoken” is a?fireball that?works well?for pressuring the opponent at long range. Depending on which button is pressed, the Hadoken will travel slow (L) or fast (H). Ryu can also spend a bar of meter to perform the “Hanto Hadoken”. This special “Hadoken” takes the shape of a hawk and hits the opponent three times. If the attack succeeds, it will crumple the opponent, allowing for an easy combo starter.


  ”Tatsumaki Senpukyaku” is perhaps more commonly known as Hurricane Kick. Ryu spins like a top and kicks the opponent one to three times, depending on the strength of the input. If performed at the right time, “Tatsumaki Senpukyaku” is capable of passing through projectiles. As an additional follow-up, Ryu can perform his “Jodan Sokutou Geri” (donkey kick) to launch the opponent across the screen. “Tatsukmaki Senpukyayku” can also be performed in the air, but only does one hit, regardless of the button strength. The EX “Tatsumaki Senpukyaku” keeps Ryu in place as he kicks the opponent 10 times. Surprisingly, the EX version can also be performed in the air. The grounded EX Tatsu also has the Jodan follow-up, but it must be performed manually.


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  Of course, it wouldn’t be Ryu without the “Shoryuken”, and it’s still as strong as ever. “Shoryuken” is typically used as an anti-air or a reversal. Still, players need to be careful overusing this move, because if Shoryuken is blocked or whiffed, opponents will have ample opportunity to punish. As an additional note, Ryu’s EX “Shoryuken” can be performed two ways. First, players can press L and S to do the simple input. However, the formal input (F, D, DF, L+M or M+H) does 80 more damage than the simple input.


  Finally, Ryu’s super, “Shinku Hadoken,” comes from the Marvel vs. Capcom series. Instead of firing a giant, swirling Hadoken, Ryu fires an engulfing beam that might draw a comparison to the Kamehameha. Ryu can also perform “Shinku Hadoken” in the air, making for a powerful ender to an aerial combo. The aerial version will also fire diagonally down towards the opponent.

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