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[TimeSplitters 2]How to Unlock TimeSplitters 2 Remaster in Homefront: The Revolution

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  A bunch of people on the internet has found out that the whole modern remaster of TimeSplitters 2, playable in 4k with keyboard-mouse support, is hidden inside of Homefront: The Revolution. Originally, only two levels of TimeSplitters 2, Siberia and Chicago, are playable through an in-game arcade cabinet. Matt Phillips, ex-developer at Dambuster who worked on Homefront: The Revolution, revealed on Twitter early this month that there is actually a secret code to unlock all the levels. Still, it has been “lost to time.”

  Allegedly, he gave it to a friend so it could be leaked in a random Discord channel. However, the channel moderators called him a liar and banned his account. Thankfully, three days later, a Twitter user named @SpencerTheDean replied to Matt’s tweet with the level select code. And from then on, the hunt for more codes rages on. And just yesterday, on April 10, all of the codes have finally been discovered. However, most people are still unsure about what half of them are supposed to do.

  PS4 and Xbox One owners would need to finish Homefront: The Revolution first before they can access TimeSplitters 2 easter egg from the Extras menu. PC players can unlock the easter egg by copying a completed save file to their save folder, though. Once you enter the TimeSplitters 2 menu, input the cheat codes below. You can also enter the code on the level select screen for an easier result.

  PS4 Controller:

  Unlock All Story Mode Missions: Up+L2, Up+L2, Down, Right+L2, Left+R2, O+R2, △+L2, △+L2, ?+R2, X+L2.Unlock Arcade Mode: Left+L2+R2, Down+L2+R2, Left+L2+R2, O+L2+R2, Left+L2+R2, Down+L2+R2, △+L2+R2, ?+R2, X+L2.Unlock Challenge Mode: O+R2, Left+L2+R2, O+L2+R2, Down+L2+R2, Right+L2, Up+L2, △+L2, X+L2+R2, ?+R2, X+L2.Invincibility Code: Right, Down+L2+R2, Left+L2+R2, Right+L2.Unknown Code #1 (Maybe Cheats): Down+L2+R2, Left+L2+R2, X+L2+R2, O+R2, Left+R2, △+L2, △+L2, O+L2+R2, ?+R2, X+L2.Unknown Code #2 (Maybe Extras): Down+L2+R2, Left+L2+R2, △+L2+R2, Right+L2, O+R2, △+L2, O+L2+R2, Down+L2+R2, ?+R2, X+L2.Unknown Code #3: O+L2, X+R2, Left+L2, Right+L2, Up+L2, Down+L2+R2.

  Xbox Controller:

  Unlock All Story Mode Missions: Up+LT, Up+LT, Down, Right+LT, Left+RT, B+RT, Y+LT, Y+LT, X+RT, A+LT.Unlock Arcade Mode: Left+LT+RT, Down+LT+RT, Left+LT+RT, B+LT+RT, Left+LT+RT, Down+LT+RT, Y+LT+RT, X+RT, A+LT.Unlock Challenge Mode: B+RT, Left+LT+RT, B+LT+RT, Down+LT+RT, Right+LT, Up+LT, Y+LT, A+LT+RT, X+RT, A+LT.Invincibility Code: Right, Down+LT+RT, Left+LT+RT, Right+LT.Unknown Code #1 (Maybe Cheats): Down+LT+RT, Left+LT+RT, A+LT+RT, B+RT, Left+RT, Y+LT, Y+LT, B+LT+RT, X+RT, A+LT.Unknown Code #2 (Maybe Extras): Down+LT+RT, Left+LT+RT, Y+LT+RT, Right+LT, B+RT, Y+LT, B+LT+RT, Down+LT+RT, X+RT, A+LT.Unknown Code #3: B+LT, X+RT, Left+LT, Right+LT, Up+LT, Down+LT+RT.

  PC Keyboard + Mouse (RC=Right Click; LC=Left Click):

  Unlock All Story Mode Missions: Q+RC, Q+RC, E, 2+RC, 1+LC, G+LC, R+RC, R+RC, T+LC, X+RC.Unlock Arcade Mode: Left+LT+RT, Down+LT+RT, Left+LT+RT, B+LT+RT, Left+LT+RT, Down+LT+RT, Y+LT+RT, X+RT, A+LT.Unlock Challenge Mode: G+LC, 1+LC+RC, G+LC+RC, E+LC+RC, 2+RC, Q+RC, R+RC, X+LC+RC, T+LC, X+RC.Invincibility Code: 2, E+LC+RC, 1+LC+RC, 2+RC.Unknown Code #1 (Maybe Cheats): E+LC+RC, Left+LC+RC, X+LC+RC, G+LC, Left+LC, R+RC, R+RC, G+LC+RC, T+LC, X+RC.Unknown Code #2 (Maybe Extras): E+LC+RC, Left+LC+RC, R+LC+RC, Right+RC, G+LC, R+RC, G+LC+RC, E+LC+RC, T+LC, X+RC.Unknown Code #3: G+RC, T+LC, Left+RC, Right+RC, Up+RC, E+LC+RC.

  Back in 2012, Crytek UK managing director Karl Hilton and TimeSplitters co-creator Steve Ellis revealed that they’ve tried to pitch TimeSplitters 4 to a number of publishers, but they keep being rejected. Mainly because of their failure with PS3 exclusive FPS Haze and the marketing side of the publishers “not knowing” how they will sell the game.? A few years later, THQ Nordic’s parent company, Embracer Group, acquired the TimeSplitters franchise in 2018, and people have been hoping for a revival ever since. There’s an attempt for fan-made recreation of the trilogy, but the development seems slow and pretty hush-hush.

  It’s not a proper rerelease of TimeSplitters 2 remaster or a sequel, but I reckon it’s a good enough trip down the memory lane for fans for now. I don’t recommend you to buy Homefront: The Revolution just for the TimeSplitters nostalgia though, it’s a forgotten release for a reason (even our review agrees with that sentiment). Maybe wait until there’s like an 80% off sale or grab your eyepatch and yo-ho-ho-ing through the seven seas to get the game.

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