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[chloe uncharted 4]Naughty Dog Reveals Impressive Uncharted Stats to Celebrate 5 Years of A Thief’s End

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  Naughty Dog releases statistics in honor of Uncharted 4, the latest mainline entry in the franchise that released five years ago today.

  By Cameron Corliss

  Published May 10, 2021


  Nathan Drake stands with his brother Sam overlooking a dilapidated village

  Five years ago today, Naughty Dog released?Uncharted 4,?the latest mainline entry in the franchise and the capstone to the long-running tale of protagonist Nathan Drake. Naughty Dog has gone on to release hits like?The Last of Us 2?in the time since, but for many players,?Uncharted 4?is still one of the most memorable experiences to come out of the PS4 era.

  To celebrate the accomplishment, Naughty Dog released some stats about?Uncharted 4,?adding some more perspective to how players have interacted with the “globe-trotting” adventure in the years since it launched. In a thank you note attached to the stats, Naughty Dog cited 37 million players that have embarked on the journey since 2016, an impressive feat for any game, but especially one that’s exclusive to a single system.

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  Nathan Drake stands with his brother Sam overlooking a dilapidated village

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  Of course,?Uncharted 4?has been featured on PS Plus before, which is likely helping reach that number of players. As it turns out, many of those players spent time playing alongside others, with 13.3 million players checking out the multiplayer component of?Uncharted 4, an aspect that’s often overlooked when talking about the game.

  To celebrate the 5th anniversary of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End’s release, we want to thank the players who joined us and Nathan Drake on this wild ride. Remember to play with the lemur! #SicParvisMagna

  — Naughty Dog (@Naughty_Dog) May 10, 2021

  Meanwhile, more than 9 million players used?Uncharted 4’s accessibility options. Naughty Dog has hailed for its use of accessibility options in games, the most recent example being?The Last of Us 2’s accessibility toggles, though it is interesting to see how many people benefitted from them. Naughty Dog didn’t cite the specific options that were used, but they’re all key to ensuring that as many people can enjoy the game as possible.


  One of the humorous stats concerns a trophy found in the game, with 7.5 million players earning the Marco Polo trophy. The trophy required players to partake in a game of Marco Polo with Nathan’s brother. For the final few stats, 2 million players climbed to the top of the game’s iconic clocktower, 12 million hit all of the targets with the toy gun in Nathan’s attic, and 2 million players took a photo of Sully. Sully holds a special place in the hearts of many gamers, so it’s heartwarming that so many people immortalized him.

  Five years is a big milestone for any game, so it’s no small surprise that Naughty Dog decided to honor it like this. Fans have been hoping for a new?Uncharted?game for years, with the last entry being 2017’s?Uncharted Lost Legacy,?a smaller, spin-off title following Chloe and Nadine. While it was well-received, some fans believe it’s time for Nathan Drake’s daughter, Cassie Drake, to take up the mantle.


  Uncharted 4?is available now on PS4 and on PS5 through backward compatibility.

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