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[metal gear solid 4]Xbox has reportedly moved closer to signing a new Hideo Kojima game

font size+ 2021-08-15

  Microsoft has reportedly moved closer to agreeing a deal to publish a new game from Hideo Kojima.

  It was claimed in April that Microsoft was in talks to sign the next game from the Japanese designer best known for the Metal Gear Solid series.

  And on Thursday, VentureBeat reported that Microsoft and Kojima had signed a letter of intent stating that they plan to work together on a new Xbox game.

  It marks a significant development in negotiations, although the deal is still to be finalised, according to the site.

  “The deal is so close that Microsoft has begun preparing for what Kojima will need to make his new game,” the report claims.

  Earlier this month, Xbox Game Studios appointed Portal and Left 4 Dead designer Kim Swift as senior director of cloud gaming, reportedly with a view to helping bring Kojima’s game to fruition.

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  12Kojima Productions has been staffing up for a new project since late 2020

  Kojima has previously expressed a desire to explore a “new format of game” enabled by cloud platforms.

  Kojima Productions confirmed in October 2020 that it was staffing up for a new game project.

  Death Stranding Director’s Cut, a PS5 version of the studio’s debut game Death Stranding, was announced in June.